The Feeding


Good. Things are going the way I hoped. The woman is ranting at Mary Worth the same way she has ranted in the past at many other dog owners, without realizing the true shape of the woman she is confronting. If things keep like this, hopefully she never will.

If the woman is very, very lucky, Mary will snap her neck right there and feast on her raw flesh. If she is a little bit less lucky, Mary will drag her back to Charterstone, and devour her more calmly. The doctor told me once about it, how he had once witnessed the entire process. Mary would grind the woman into a thin paste, than the she would cook into a strange beige-colored casserole to be shared by the residents of Charterstone. If she is not enough lucky for that, either… I hope she will be.

Wait. There she goes. Turns out she was in the very lucky group after all. I look away. I cannot stand the sight of Mary’s feeding. I never truly understood how it worked. Mary would sink her teeth into the flesh of her victim, but no one would notice. In only a few seconds, the victim was completely consumed, and then no one would ever remember she once existed. But if one knows the true shape of Mary, and forces himself to look while she fed, the process will seem to go on for hours, and he will hear Mary screaming in inhuman languages, even if far away, as she bites large chunks of meat off the body.

I look again. As I expected, everything is over now. Now that this is out of the way, I can concentrate on things of greater importance. It has been bothering me since Mary entered the scene of the sacrifice. She seems to be walking a dog herself. But no dog should be able to stand the presence of Mary Worth, and she herself lacks the human emotions that might incline someone to take one as a pet. What is the meaning of this?

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