The Premise

I am haunted by my crimes. To save myself and others I have done terrible things. I have led countless people to their deaths and far worse. I have allowed the greatest force of evil to continue existing. I have caused the death of my own brother. Now I need to let it be known. Someday, either my crimes or my enemy will catch up to me. And then, someone will have to continue my task, lest be the world devoured by the Horrors of Charterstone.

The actual premise

I love unintentional hilarity. And few places have more of that than the comics page in the newspaper. Mary Worth, a comic about an old lady and her gossiping and meddling in the lives of the inhabitants of her apartment complex would be incredibly boring if not for its seer contents in unintentional hilarity. Mary Worth advances relentsly, gleefully destroying the lives of one individual after another, with the help of her seemingly brainwashed sidekicks, and no one seems able to stop her.

This story is based on the idea the reason for this is the fact that Mary happens to be some kind of ancient evil Lovecraftian God, bent on devouring the world. In order to appease her, the writer of this blog regulary sends sacrifices to her. He has started this blog as a way to let his secrets out, and perhaps find rest for his crimes.

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